Glory Days Of Gold

Episode 68 - Glory Days of Gold (New Year, Same Old East Fife with guest Liam Anderson)

January 10, 2022

Welcome to Episode 68 of Glory Days of Gold, the East Fife and Scottish football podcast recorded across two continents.

Michael, Lee, and Doug are back with their first episode of 2022 and they're joined by East Fife Director, and lifelong supporter, Liam Anderson to chat about the current plight of the club.

Last year was not a great one for East Fife and the new one has continued in a similar vein, with two defeats leaving the club firmly rooted at the foot of Scottish League One with a decisive game coming up at Dumbarton on Saturday.

Is there still hope? How did we get to this position? What are the Board doing to remedy the situation? What is the current financial and ownership situation at the club? We chat with Liam about all of this and a lot more, in a must listen interview for those of a black and gold persuasion.

Plus we take time to pay tribute and share some memories of Mr East Fife, Davie Marshall, who sadly passed away this week and whose presence will be deeply missed by everyone at Bayview.

Here's the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

02.00: Remembering Davie Marshall
16.33: Q&A with East Fife Director Liam Anderson
84.15: Recent games and the massive task ahead

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