Glory Days Of Gold

Episode 57 - Glory Days of Gold (Déjà Bloody Vu)

September 20, 2021

Welcome to Episode 57 of Glory Days of Gold, the East Fife and Scottish football podcast record across two continents.

Lee, Michael, Doug, and Gordon are back to pick over the bones of East Fife's latest loss, the 3-0 defeat away to Airdrie. So what went wrong this week? Did the early red card play a part of were we simply not at the races? Can they turn things around or is this finally the end of the Darren Young era at Bayview?

We talk about all of that and more, including poor defensive play, the lack of midfield fight, the impotent attack, and the importance of what is now nothing short of a must win game against Clyde next Saturday.

This may all sound like last week's show, but we assure you, it's a new episode!

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